Andy Eggers

Current teaching

Causal Inference, HT 2019

Past teaching

Research design and methods, MT 2018

My slides for both lectures

Summer Institute, 2018

US politics, HT 2018

Slides for Weeks 5 and 6, HT 2018

Causal Inference, HT 2018

Research Design and Methods, MT 2018

Slides for Weeks 5 and 6, MT 2017

Political Analysis II, MT 2018

Slides for Week 1 lecture, MT 2017

Summer Institute, 2017

Content analysis, TT 2017

Q-Step Data Day for Schools, 2017

Panel data (Oxford Trinity Term course, 2016)

Content analysis (Oxford Trinity Term course, 2016)

Oxford Spring School: Computerized Text Analysis (2016)



Here are slides (and sometimes accompanying assignments) for some lectures I've given while teaching at the LSE and Oxford.

Political science and public policy, January 2016

Research design for postgrads, November 2015 (in which I told students about the "credibility revolution" and asked what it means for their research and the discipline)

Panel data, April/May 2015 (this ended up being mostly about diff-in-diff, with some extensions)

Content analysis, April/May 2015 (the first two lectures in a four-week course)

Political Analysis (QStep Part 1), January-March 2015 (four lectures in an eight-lecture course)

Politics of the USA, October 2015 (two lectures in a sixteen lecture course)

Teaching datasets and lab assignments

Lab assignments for Political Analysis (QStep Part 1), January-March 2015 (these were developed by a team including Andreas Murr, Spyros Kosmidis, Elias Dinas, Andrea Ruggeri, and me)