(Finally) set up on new MacBook Air

I am fully up to speed now with my new MacBook Air.

I’ve had it now for a little over a week, and yesterday finished installing my rails environment and downloading the databases I have been working with. (For setting up the Rails environment on Snow Leopard, I recommend this guide.)

I love this computer. Above all I love how light and sleek it is: this weekend I went to NYC for a bachelor party and a baby shower and brought only my violin case — with my MacBook Air, a change of clothes, and a toothbrush slipped in the space where you can store sheet music. I just love that efficiency.

I also really like the screen resolution, the way the computer starts up and shuts down very quickly, the way it makes basically no noise (no moving parts!) and does not get hot. I still have my early 2008 15″ MacBook Pro around, and it’s funny how it feels so big and clunky. The old screen does look massive now that I’m accustomed to the 13″ MBA, but somehow I don’t seem to miss the extra space, and I certainly love how portable the new machine is.

So — now that I’m really set up it’s back to work.