I miss Google Chrome

Last week the keyboard and trackpack on my MacBook Pro stopped working (again!). I took it into the Apple store and had to leave it there (again!). So, over the weekend it was back to the thinkpad. The transition was pretty easy because so much of my work is on svn and google docs. The best part was that I got to download and use Google Chrome, which is not yet available on the Mac. I think the overall performance was quite good, but there were a few little things I especially liked. So, my MacBook comes back with a replaced topcase (again!), and I’m happy to have it back, but now I miss a few things about Google Chrome as I go back to Firefox:

  1. The “type anything” address bar: I found it really useful to be able to type “besley coate scholar” and just key down to “Search Google Scholar for ‘besley coate'”
  2. The way it handles downloads is really nice — each document available as a little tab along the bottom of the window, with options for how to handle that file and others like it always available.
  3. Integration with Google products like gmail, calendar, and docs somehow seemed a little smoother in Chrome — I don’t know if this has to do with the Javascript engine or what.